What We Do

Niche Solutions is an architect of change

Niche Solutions recognizes your culture, leadership, and business model as unique.  When you work with us, you leave thinking differently about your company, your abilities and your future. Most importantly, you will have a clear roadmap for success.

We lead you through innovative solutions by asking tough questions, and partner with you to design the most effective strategies to meet your business outcomes. We coach you on how to engage your teams strengths so they are empowered and aligned to achieve solid business outcomes and drive change.

Through all of our client interactions a few things are constant: we maximize on the strengths of the individuals we collaborate with and we seek out possibilities thinking and solutions.  We are certified coaches and facilitators for StrengthsFinder, StandOut, FourSight, Innovation Games, Creative Solution Finding, Design Thinking, Creativity Quotient and more.  We use these tools within our engagements and you will experience these skills as we passionately approach our work with you.   Modeling our strengths-based leadership and expansive thinking is core to who we are.