So You’ve Taken the StrengthsFinder... Now What?

On-line Program Starts week of March 28, 2016 • Program Full

Next On-line Program Starts June 9th, 2016 • 15 seats available

5 interactive webinars / 3 1-1 Coaching Sessions only $749


A friend, spouse, colleague or manager recommended you take this really amazing evaluation – the Clifton StrengthsFinder Assessment from Gallup. You complied eagerly or grudgingly, took the assessment, received your Top 5 Strengths themes, read through your report. Now what?

Time and again, clients come to us asking to help guide them on the journey to discover how to use the rich information from this highly regarded strengths assessment. With our proven track record, we’ve successfully taught them how to apply the results, either for themselves or for their teams at work. If YOU are also looking to dig deeper into uncovering and applying your natural strengths – and want tangible results – we’ve designed a program just for you!

Why take the workshop when you can buy the book?

The goal of the StrengthsFinder assessment is to reveal your dominant strengths themes and natural talents. Think about information on strengths as layers of an onion. When you buy the book, take the assessment, and IF you invest the time to go through the exercises, you are only revealing the first layer of your potential. The book can offer a lot of information and perspective on how you communicate and lead – what it doesn’t give you is a clear path to implementing that information.

It’s our mission to deliver personalized strategies for applying your strengths with knowledgeable intent into your daily life.

This 10-week program provides you with a series of opportunities to dig in and explore your StrengthsFinder themes (their contributions, needs, triggers and more). You’ll engage in bi-weekly group learning sessions, 1-1 personal coaching sessions, and activities to practice in-between webinars.

Our workshop creates a structured environment that takes your StrengthFinder data and translates it into an actionable plan. The guidance is focused and specific to you – and that’s meaningful when you don’t have extra time. With our understanding of teams and business drivers, we help you take a wealth of intangible information and translate it into structured habits that will change how you apply yourself from this point on.

 Why should you invest your time and money? That’s simple.

When you connect our guidance with your commitment to self-discovery, the benefit is clear: a vastly improved quality of life!

We bridge the gap from awareness of your strengths to the intentional application of your strengths by helping you initiate the habit of actively engaging your strengths everyday. Creating these strengths-based habits help you to be more productive at work, tap into your inner passions, and lead to a happier, more creative mind. These newly formed habits will continue to pay off in dividends throughout your career and within your daily life – every single day.

Simply taking the test and reviewing your results leaves you far short of putting your strengths to work for you. Does taking this time and making this effort seem like a leap of faith? You bet. But you’ll never regret investing in yourself. To truly invest in your own potential, it requires a process of learning and application. With our expert leadership and your tenacity, you can reap the real rewards of shaping your career, your leadership style, and your life.

8-Week Agenda

Week 1: Webinar: Welcome and introduction to strengths and interdependence – Webinar
Week 2: 1:1 Coaching Session: Introduction & goal setting with your Strengths Coach

Week 3:  Webinar: Seeing Your Strengths
Week 4: 1-1 Coaching Session: Exploring your strengths needs, contributions & triggers

Week 5: Webinar: Blind Spots of Strengths
Week 6: 1-1 Coaching Session: Embracing your weaknesses and understanding blind spots

Week 7: Webinar: Building Stronger Relationships: Values, beliefs and strengths

Week 8: Webinar: Your strengths commitment

What You Will Receive

  • Pre-work packet
  • Activities after each webinar session to enhance your learning, discovery and application of your strengths
  • 1-1 coaching sessions with a certified strengths coach to dive deeper into your unique contributions
  • Certificate of completion
  • Code to take the StrengthsFinder assessment for first timers

8-Week Investment

Webinar Series + 3-Coaching Sessions

  • Individual: $749

If you would like additional coaching sessions please make a note when you register and we will give you a few pricing options based on your need.