Consulting & Facilitation

Designing Growth Strategies

We partner with you to expand your vision and illuminate the possibilities for creative potential, leading your organization to success. We help you solve tough problems, develop new ideas and solutions, and plan for the future.

Niche Solutions understands that your business challenges and opportunities are unique. Our experts partner with you to build a roadmap to success. From design to execution, we are by your side to ensure your visions and strategies are achieved.

As part of our consulting work, we often utilize strengths-based assessments (StrengthsFinder, StandOut, FourSight Thinking Profiles) to coach leaders, help the team communicate better, and provide maximum engagement for successful execution.

Niche Solutions partners with you at various stages to drive business outcomes in innovative ways:

Vision:  Collaborating with stakeholders throughout the organization to develop a tangible and achievable vision on which leadership can align and employees engage. As an outcome everyone understands their role and participates in the process of change and growth.

Strategy: Igniting and defining a strategy that sets the direction for accomplishing your vision and winning as an organization. By setting the   direction for how we will accomplish this, we launch opportunities for creative thinking as opposed to a step-by-step plan.

Facilitation: Tackling the tough challenges – from strategy to business decisions, from one department to many departments –  may benefit from an
“outside” perspective. We design engaging, energizing, and results-driven facilitations to bring together people, ideas, solutions and alignment.

Strategy & Growth

  • Strategic planning facilitation
  • Strategy Execution Advisory
  • Implementation Strategies
  • Focus Groups Facilitation
  • Customer & User Experience Facilitation
  • New Services Development

Strategy Execution

  • Business Process Design & Improvement
  • Enterprise Performance Management Technology selection & implementation
  • Process and Technology User Design Facilitation

Strategy Adoption

  • Stakeholders and Leadership Alignment
  • Change Management Strategy Design
  • Change Impact Analysis
  • Communication Strategy
  • Culture Assessment & Design