Vino & Vision

Join us Thursday, June 9th from 5:30 – 8:30 pm • 30 seats available, register soon!

Big DREAMS require mindful action!

In Vino, Veritas

“Wine brings light to the hidden secrets of the soul, gives being to our hopes.”


The Roman poet, Horace, identified the cosmic connection between wine and wisdom ages ago—and more importantly, he recognized that we all have hidden dreams that are waiting to be uncovered.

Niche Solution invites you to discover your dreams
through our exclusive Vino & Vision event.

Join us to embrace the connection between wine and wisdom at Niche Solutions’ Vino & Vision experience. Embark on an evening’s journey to design your vision for positive personal and professional change.

Sommelier Matt Carson’s specially selected wines pair harmoniously with Jean Nitchals’ passion and experience as your vision facilitator. Their unique approach to matching relaxation with the rigors of bringing your vision to fruition will result in a memorable, meaningful evening.

Small Steps

Much as the intricate notes of a wine come together to create a delicious experience, your journey through positive change also begins with small steps that lead toward the larger goal of experiencing (discovering?) your best self. While Matt demystifies the complexities of each wine, Jean will lead you through a series of activities that reveal the true source of your desire for change.

Whether you want to address your professional or personal potential, this workshop creates a foundation from which you can examine and begin to realize your vision for a better future.


We believe it’s through the experience of examination that we uncover the keys to change. We also believe it’s essential to move through a reflective process to access that change. This process starts by asking, and answering, the tough questions: “What do I want”? “Why do I want it”? “What steps should I take”?

During this questioning phase, we identify our dreams: those desires and ideas of what we want to do or become. When we pinpoint what we want, we can change our dreams into a goal—a vision. Once we recognize our goals, we can begin to craft a future-based vision statement. In the movement from dream to vision to goal, the change we seek becomes tangible.


While enjoying your expertly guided wine tasting, you will discover and design your vision for change. You will be provided with tools with which to move from conception to realization.

In this workshop, you will:

  • Participate in structured activities that challenge you to analyze your vision
  • Experience a guided tasting of wines with a talented sommelier
  • Explore your dreams, identify your goals and create a vision statement
  • Create a vision board on which you visualize your goals
  • Access the tools youneed to continue on your road to success after the workshop concludes
  • Make new like-minded connections

This exciting Vino & Vision workshop will help you uncover your dreams and align them with actionable steps with which you can put your vision into motion. We do this in a supportive, empowering environment, and by all means, we have fun!

This workshop is perfect for you who seek positive personal or professional change. Come with a friend or colleague, or come by yourself and meet fellow explorers.

Take your first step toward positive change. Register today!

Meet Our Sommelier: Matt Carson

Wine has always been a part of Matt Carson’s life. Both his Italian grandfather’s influence and many trips with his Upstate NY to the nearby Finger Lakes wine region would instill a lifelong love of wine.

Leaving a successful media career in NYC, Matt eventually progressed to become a top wine specialist in the U.S. working for both Vinfolio and Vintrust–the two game-changing competitors for complete wine collector services–and has bought and sold over 5 million dollars of wine/spirits to private clientele. Entrepreneurially-minded, Matt moved on to help start-up the successful fine wine auction house, WineGavel, eventually being asked to return as its President. Matt’s midwest connection began as a partner and branding director in a wine and oils importer/wholesaler, Vincita Imports. Currently, Matt conducts wine education events, pairing dinners and consults on private collections for corporations and individuals alike through his business, LookNorth Wines. He is a tasting panel judge and wine writer.

Matt is a Certified Sommelier with the Court of Master Sommeliers; holds the WSET Advanced degree; and the CSW. He’s studying for his Certified Spirits degree with the Society of Wine Educators because he likes a good cocktail too!

Each Attendee Will Receive:

  • Visionary thinking supplies
  • Creative thinking vision and action exercises
  • Connections with amazing people for future networking and collaboration
  • Delicious wine tastings and appetizers
  • 20% discount towards purchase
  • Door prizes

Event Details

Thursday, June 9th, 2016 from 5:30 – 8:30 pm

North Loop Liquor
218 N Washington Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55401

The event will be located in wine cellar.

Pricing for Event

Early bird pricing through April 29th, 2016


Registration open through – June 8th, 2016

$70/person if registering 2+ individuals