Ignite Your Creative Thinking

Next In-Person Series Begins the week of July 18, 2016 • Only 15 seats available, register soon!

“I’m not creative.”

Do you find yourself thinking or saying this?  This happens often when we are working with clients or interacting with our families and friends.

Businesses today are looking for new ways of thinking, and our clients come to us often to facilitate sessions and trainings that get their employees thinking expansively.

For this to occur, a few things are important to know:  Passion drives creativity.  Creativity drives innovation.  Innovation drives business growth, change and opportunity.

It’s our belief that everyone is creative and has the ability to think differently. Each one of us has the capacity to think creatively; it’s an innate talent within every human being. This talent can be discovered and developed! Now is the time for you to ignite your own creative thinking in ways that are unique to you!

We are excited to offer a series of experiences that enable you to tap into your creative mind, have some fun, and connect with others along the way! We have designed a series of 4-interactive sessions that will allow you to explore your creative thinking abilities on a daily basis and develop new habits for how you approach your work, life, and leisure time.

Through this series, participants will be introduced to new ways of thinking, explore new locations, and have the opportunity to collaborate with others through each experience.

Who will benefit by taking this program? Everyone!  Each person has the ability to enhance their creativity thinking skills regardless of your position within an organization.  These skills are life skills and  will positively impact all areas of your life.

Program will run for 6-weeks.  The first week will be your ‘assessment week’ in which you will complete pre-work, FourSight Thinking Profile and your first CQ measurement.

What to expect with this series of experiences

  • Four Experiences designed to develop four creative thinking skills (2-3 hours per experience). Each experience will build on one another.
    • Curiosity Unleashed
    • Vino & Vision
    • Possibilities Thinking
    • Creative Confidence & Action
  • Discover your creative thinking preferences through the FourSight Creative Thinking Profile
  • Measure your creative thinking progress!  Each individual will take the SparcIt Creativity Quotient (CQ) at the beginning and end of the series
  • Weekly exercises to practice new ways of thinking and ignite your creative thinking abilities

Each Attendee Will Receive:

  • Creativity Toolkit
  • Creative Thinking Exercises
  • One 50-minute coaching session to understand your FourSight creative thinking profile
  • Connections with amazing people for future networking and collaboration

Pricing for Series

$350 / person