Our Approach

Possibilities Thinking

Everything we do is highly customized and begins with the discovery process. We ask the tough questions to get perspective and alignment on your current situation and to define objectives. We are certified in strengths-based coaching and methodologies as well as masters in creative thinking.  Together these allow us to bring out the best in people and ideas within organizations, teams and leaders.

Our discovery process is both engaging and flexible. As masters of the Creative Problem Solving (CPS) and Design Thinking processes, we utilize a variety of resources to facilitate all of our sessions that are stimulating and collaborative.

Key leaders, teams and task forces come together and suspend judgment on each other’s ideas. We establish an inviting, collaboritve environment in which you are able to think differently and allow your natural creative thinking talents to come to life.

Together, we explore, ideate, design, and ignite. Ideas are generated that guide strategic planning, problem solving, new product development, focus groups, idea generation, and team building.





Niche Solutions’ approach is designed to meet each client’s objectives and to enable them to Think Differently!  We collaborate with you and your teams, guiding and coaching you through the lens of creativity and strengths achieve to successful outcomes each step of the journey.