Develop a vision for change and drive it through to impact

We partner with you to develop creative, collaborative, and strengths-focused leadership skills to ignite new ways of thinking and engagement within your organization and your leadership team. Imagine the results you and your team will produce when you unlock leadership skills, natural talents, and innovative solutions within each individual!

Companies that have strong leadership, creative thinking, and clear structures for strengths-based engagement and innovation are leading business growth today. By partnering with leaders in organizations to think differently, we are able to bring about innovative changes that stick to your organization.

Our clients seek bold strategies and new ways of thinking. They are open to building fresh internal capabilities and identifying opportunities to maximize on the potential of their employees. For our clients to succeed, leadership teams are required to cultivate new behaviors and skills, and to model these new strengths and talents to ignite adoption and energy throughout the business.

Our insights and methodologies are drawn from the multi-disciplinary perspectives of business management and development, creative thinking, and strengths-focused engagement. Change starts at the top of any organization. We have found that working with leaders in the ways described below dramatically accelerates business growth, engagement, adoption, and innovative thinking throughout their organization.

Our approach is grounded in certifications and research focused on strengths-based and appreciative inquiry focused engagement and creative thinking skills and processes.  What that means to you? Inspiring leaders to provide an employee experience that draws out the best in an individual and in ideas to delivery results for your organization.

Niche Solutions partners with leaders at varying stages in their growth journey:

Leadership: Adopting and role-modeling creative and strengths-focused leadership behaviors. Refreshed leadership demonstrates that communication, collaboration, and creativity are valued, and that big thinking, courage, and experimentation are welcome.

Culture and Environment: Aligning an organization around a clear and compelling vision that promotes collaboration. Only true leaders can champion a culture in which barriers are removed and employees are urged to think and thrive, all of which results in innovation and positive change.

Coaching: Investing in yourself as a leader provides you direct opportunities to discover your strengths, ignite your creative leadership skills, and pave the way for you to guide yourself and your organization effectively through growth.  We use tools such as StrengthsFinder, NeuroColor, FourSight Thinking Profiles and more to help you reach your goals.

Stronger Teams: Teams succeed when we maximize the natural talents and strengths of each individual.  We equip leaders with the tools to create an experience for teams to work more effectively, be more engaged, and bring their creative talents to life.


Here are a few examples of how we partner with leadership to create a culture of innovative growth and change:

  • Culture Assessment and Strategy Alignment
  • Strengths-Focused Management & Organizations
  • Building Functional Leadership Teams
  • Creative Leadership Development
  • Executive Coaching


We work with leaders at all levels to enhance their ability to lead their organizations for future success. Here are a few of the tools we use to engage leaders and maximize their results.

  • Leadership/Impact®
  • Management/Impact®
  • StrengthsFinder
  • NeuroColor
  • FourSight Creative Thinking Profile
  • Creativity Quotient (CQ) measurement tool