Jean Nitchals : End-to-End Strategic Consultant & Innovative Leader

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Nothing endures but change…  Jean Nitchals is the Managing Partner with Niche Solutions, a proven leader in business strategy, change management, and strength-based leadership .  Jean spends her time, successfully helping leaders architecting innovative change and re-energizing organizations through end-to-end strategic consultation, and process improvement.  Through Jean’s fervor and intuitive approach she has transformed groups of individuals into highly functional teams by maximizing individual strengths through all aspects of her consulting practice. Jean is extremely adept at assessing the root cause of a situation, unveiling opportunities for growth, performance drivers of organizations, and identifying strengths, opportunities, and winning strategies for performance improvement leveraging innovative thinking.

Jean delivers on these strategies through focused strengths-based innovative thinking & change methodologies.  Her experience portfolio also includes facilitating innovative strategic planning sessions, strengths based team engagement workshops and programs, change management for business process and technology implementations, decision support and analytics, strategic client and volunteer engagement development, leadership development and innovation training and design.  Jean was a finalist for the Ventana Enterprise Performance Management Award in 2007, which recognizes individuals who have demonstrated strong business leadership.

Jean’s energy doesn’t stop there! She also spends her spare time, golfing, playing tennis, and competing in triathlons and duathlons and represented the USA at the 2007 Duathlon World Championship in Rimini, Italy.

Inspired by the wisdom of Lao-Tzu, Jean believes that the journey of a thousand miles really does begin with just one step.

StrenthsFinder Themes

Maximizer, Strategic, Ideation, Individualization, Adaptability

StandOut Roles

Pioneer, Connector



Where has Jean fed her curiosity lately?

Jean is currently completing second coaching certification as a Strengths Strategy Coach which is appreciative inquiry based methodology and focuses on richer engagement with individual and teams StrengthsFinder themes.

Jean graduated in December, 2015 with a  Master of Science degree in Creative Studies, and recently achieved her graduate certification in Creativity and Change Leadership.  Both through Buffalo State University

She is also a certified Coach & Facilitator for The Marcus Buckingham Company’s strenghts-focused assessment StandOut and StandOut Manager.

What ideas are brewing?

Jean loves to bring people together to build meaningful connections through experience.  She owned a women’s networking group for 8 years, called Network Buzz that had over 600+ Twin Cities professionals gather during that time..  Currently she is in the process of working with her Niche Solutions team to bring new experiences and ways for people to connect locally and beyond.

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