Designing Programs to Align with your Strategic Growth Priorities

Leading Through Change

Organizational change is a fact of business life. New opportunities, new products, and new business initiatives are happening all around us, signaling the need for change. Most of these change efforts require employees to change the way they do their work.  As leaders, you need the buy-in and commitment of the people who are being asked to change in order to achieve the desired results to enhance business performance.

Through this interactive session, leaders will learn ways to positively impact productivity and employee engagement; increase “capacity to change”; and expand their own adaptive leadership skills.

Participants will:

  • Experience change and identify with their reactions to change
  • Learn about strategic leadership and how to Think, Act and Influence through changes
  • Identify a change and create a vision for how to lead through this change
  • Actively participate in engaging discussions with their peers

Strengths Focused Management & Employee Engagement

This 3-6 month program is intended to lay the foundation for a strengths-based organization starting with leadership.  Through the series of workshops, webinars, 1-1 coaching, and tool development to incorporate into your performance rhythms the over-arching organizational objectives are to:

  • Better understanding of peers and employees
  • Enhanced strengths focused communication and leadership
  • How individual strengths can help / hinder an individual in their role
  • Give opportunity for individuals to become accountable to self and peers from a strengths perspective

We will provide you a comprehensive program working from leadership to the employee level with the overall objective of increasing employee and managerial engagement.  The questions “Who am I as an individual contributor?” and “Who am I as a leader?” will be discovered through the program.  Measures of success for the program include active participation, performance management measures, and employee engagement scores.

Ignite Your Strengths

The Gallup organization’s extensive research demonstrates that when employees are engaged at work, they are more productive and are more committed to their company’s strategic goals. Creating awareness and building a common language will boost employee engagement and productivity and through this workshop employees and teams will make the leap from awareness of their strengths to application of them on the job.

During this interactive session, individuals will identify how to unleash their unique talents by understanding how to identify their individual strengths, communicate more effectively and identify was to collaborate with team members from a strengths lens.

Objective of Workshops

  • Develop a solid understanding of their individual strengths
  • Understand where individual strengths align with team strengths in the four categories of striving, thinking, influencing and relating.
  • Identify opportunities to leverage each other’s strengths more effectively
  • Initiate strengths based communications to enhance performance

Ignite your Creative Leadership

You were born with a creative spark inside. Do you look at yourself now and wonder if the spark has gone out? Ignite that inner fire in this workshop, featuring engaging exercises, fun activities, inspirational dialogue and motivating ideas.  Learn what your spark for creative leadership looks like, how to capture it, and how to make room for it in your professional life.

Creativity is an essential skill for the 21st Century that is innate in all people and can be nurtured. We constantly need new and different ideas for almost every aspect of our professional and personal lives. As change leaders the ability to facilitate yourself and others through transformative thinking through the creative process is what will make a difference with your projects, teams, and stakeholders.  These core concepts stimulate and challenge your mind and ability to lead through change.

The objectives of this workshop are to:

  • Understand the creative mindset of your team and the 4-stages of creative solution finding
  • Experience a toolset to lead your teams through innovative change and discovery
  • Learn the skills necessary to create productive change
  • For the 3 & 6-month programs we measure creative growth an online tool to obtain a Creativity Quotient (CQ) at the beginning and end of program.

Come prepared to play as you explore your creative thinking and walk away with the ability to think, act, and influence from a strategic and creative leadership perspective.  This workshop will be highly interactive some bring your ideas for change to this session.

*Note: This is designed as a 1-day workshop, there are 3 & 6 months programs available that include coaching and online learning opportunities with a final project application for your organization. 

Strategic Leadership Training & Program

Becoming a strategic leader means having the practical insight necessary to identify, address, and solve business challenges.  This individualized, customizable program is designed to impart simple but meaningful lessons that will equip leaders to fully engage in strategic discussions, ask relevant questions, facilitate critical decisions, and shape high performing organizations.  The key principles of effective leadership are combined with strategy lessons to create the most powerful combination possible. Wherever you are on your journey, you’ll learn more about your leadership style and potential ways to improve your leadership effectiveness. You’ll be armed with the tools you need to deliver innovative solutions.  We base this program on the three pillars of strategic leadership; Think, Act, Influence.

*Note: This is designed as a 1-day workshop, there are 3 & 6 months programs available that include coaching and on-line learning opportunities with a final project application for your organization.  

Key Benefits of Attending:

  • Identify your leadership style
  • Discover your most effective leadership role
  • Learn methods to implement strategy
  • Add practical skills and tools to your leadership toolkit

Breakthrough Thinking: powerful ways for fresh thinking and original ideas

In this hands-on interactive workshop participants will experience 5-7 techniques that can be helpful to deliver access points to new ideas and new perspectives, and some useful ways to keep the originality alive when formulating solutions; this approach will be helpful to think more easy outside-the-box.

Sensing Opportunities, exploring the future and asking the right questions

In this workshop Jean will focus on the use of trends to formulate interesting future options; it’s about tools to explore a vision, to sense gaps, and to formulate challenges; participants will experience thinking techniques to clarify the nearby future and to streamline the search for good ideas

Using creativity principles to conduct more productive meetings

As a result of this workshop, the audience will take away the realization that we can all be “deliberately” creative and can turn ideas on at will instead of waiting for them to happen. They will also get an understanding of the pitfalls of how we normally evaluate ideas and solutions, and hence learning from those. They will also learn the rules for diverging and idea generation and an introduction to convergence and evaluation of ideas using the Praise First tool. And finally they will create a plan to apply learning’s to real life situations at their workplace

Collaborative Design through Creativity

Collaborative design sessions can be challenging for everyone, even though our goals are common, creative positive change for our organization.  Build on the foundational knowledge of creative solution finding, this interactive workshop will take you through a series of engaging exercises and collaboration tools that will change how you facilitate design sessions going forward and bridge the gap between IT and the Business.  Participants will also learn how to identify their creative thinking strengths and those of their teams to enhance collaboration and communication through the process.  We were all born with a creative spark inside, now it’s time to draw it out of ourselves and others to maximize our potential for success.
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