Build Your Leadership Brand & Network with Deloitte

In her book Thrive, Arianna Huffington raises the provocative point about how we spend more time focusing on the charge of our smartphones and technology devices than we do on ourselves. It’s these same devices that simplify and complicate our ability to build relationships with people and our clients. For Niche Solutions, building strong relationships with our clients is our number-one focus.

This past week, Jean had the opportunity to facilitate a 2-hour workshop for a group of 50 local consultants for the auditing division of Deloitte. Based on the needs of our client, we focused on three main areas:

  • Relationship building & communication
  • Creating a personal brand manifesto
  • Crafting a networking plan

Two weeks prior to the workshop, each attendee completed a self-reflection exercise on their individual talents, communication preferences, and the start of an action plan for networking. We used the pre-work to explore the value of focusing not on client deliverables as a consultant with Deloitte, but also the importance of creating authentic connections. By building relationships, consultants and employees are then were better prepared to to meet – and even exceed – their own clients’ expectations.

Once we explored communication styles – ways to build better connections with clients and colleagues – we dove into identifying personal values and understanding individual strengths/talents. We confirmed that these values and talents are the foundation for building an intentional personal brand and holding ourselves accountable to this brand. By the end of the workshop, each participant had developed their own Personal Brand Manifesto.

Do you have a Personal Brand Manifesto, which is a guide to how you personify the various roles you have in your daily life? If you would like to learn more about how your values, strengths, and communication styles are the foundation to building your personal brand, send us a note. We would love to get curious with you and have you think differently about how you interact with your clients, customers, and colleagues.