Niche Meets KLIC

In November of 2014, the Niche Solutions leadership team flew the friendly skies to Karachi, Pakistan to participate as speakers and workshop facilitators in the first ever Knowledge Leadership, Innovation and Creativity conference.   What an amazing opportunity and experience to get curious about a new culture, a new city, and new friends.  We were fortunate to be hosted by our friend and colleague Rumman Ahmad and his lovely wife, along with fellow speakers Erki op ten Berg (Netherlands), Eva Terruza (Italy), and Ismet Mamnoon (Dubai, US).

On the first day of the conference, Jean delivered a keynote speech on The Art of Innovation to over 190 business leaders and on day 2-Zach and Jean facilitated two workshops on focusing on change leadership and creative strengths.   We were overwhelmed by the in-depth questions and conversations.  Excited to see so much curiosity in our workshops.

Creativity and innovation are all around us.  It takes courage of leaders to tap into their own curiosity and that of those around them to truly inspire and support change in our workplaces and our communities.  This experience allowed both of us to experience leadership and creativity through the lens of leaders in Karachi and we will forever be thankful for that experience.