Niche Solutions Partners with SparcIt

SparcitNiche Solutions is excited to partner with SparcIt, the developer of the next leading-edge creativity measurement tool called Creativity Quotient (CQ). We will be utilizing this measurement within our Think Labs, Jump Days, Creative Leadership programs, Think Differently Experiences and more, as a way to help participants see the change in their creative thinking skills.

What is CQ?

Creative Quotient is an assessment of one’s creative intelligence. Specifically, it is a measure of an individual’s creativity determined by three factors: originality, fluency and flexibility.


The originality factor is measured by the statistical infrequency of responses when compared to an overall data set. For example, similar

responses that are given by a high percentage of a group will receive a lower score, whereas responses that are only given once in a group are unique and will receive a higher score.


Fluency is measured by the quantity of relevant responses based on word-association exercises. When given a prompt, participants must produce as many answers as they can think of. A higher number of relevant responses receives a higher score.


The flexibility category is measured by the number of distinct categories of responses. For example, when generating ideas for the use of a lighter, starting a fire and lighting a candle would be in the same category because they are both used for the same purpose, while using the lighter as a doorstop would count as a different category.

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